Don't Cry for Me, Tanzania

By , Edward Chacha

Take a look at what is happening in our beloved country these days. It is really sad to see the beautiful land full of enormous richness, rainy skies, and endless sunshine being mowed down by few greedy, immoral, and corrupt people who have put their personal interests ahead of national interests.

Though Lowassa, Msabaha, and Karamagi are now part of history, I still hold cynical dismissal that somehow the state of affairs in Tanzania will change so drastically following resignation of those three guys. On the contrary, I think, things will continue to remain in status quo ante for a very, very long time.

Here is why:

The fact that Tanzania has been governed by the same immoral, greedy, ignorant, and corrupt people over and over again is a proof that those who elect them are themselves such.

Voting for the same faces (Kingunge, Karamagi, Msabaha, Malecela, Sitta, Kinana, Sumaye) over and over again and expecting different results is itself a lunacy. Total madness.

And I think it is time now for students, union members, walala-hoi to join hands and launch concerted, organized, grass-roots movement highly-focused on bringing radical change in the overall political pattern of our country. It is time we get smart on how we vote if we really want to fix the issue of corruption in our country.

It makes no sense at all for a country of enormous wealthy like Tanzania to continue to be a beggar state full of many social problems while foreign companies continue to enjoy super-normal returns at the expense of our natural resources.

Minerals like diamond, gold, and tanzanite we take pleasure in for now, will soon be gone. For Tanzanite, her life expectancy is estimated to be 10-15 years. Gold and diamond is even less than you might imagine.

And so at a time when Tanzanians look to their elected officials to come up with a plan to make certain that people of the land are given fair value for their country's natural wealth, there are still some immoral and greedy leaders out there planning for more Richmond-type deals. 

I think it is time now (through grass roots movement) we demand all those bogus deals signed secretly by previous governments (second phase under Mwinyi & third phase under Mkapa) be nullified. It is time also we demand new constitution that requires the approval of parliament for any future contracts.

Venezuela and Bolivia have already shown us that it is possible to attain radical change...

Under former president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, for example, Bolivia received only 18 % of proceeds from foreign oil and gas companies, while 82 % went to foreign investors. But when Evo Morales assumed the presidency in 2005, he simply reversed the percentage. The foreign companies would get 18 % and Bolivians 82 %( pending negotiation of new contracts).

It is time we claim our country back from the hands of few ruling elites.

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May God bless Tanzania.

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