By , Edward Chacha [Posted:02/24/08]

In his book, “Out of My Mind,” Andy Rooney persuasively argues that something important is missing in the structure of our government and we ought to find some way to fix it.

“We have the legislative, the judicial, and the executive branches,” he writes, “and may be we need one more.”

Though he doesn't know for sure what to call the new branch of the government he's proposing, Andy thinks it should however comprise the group of fifteen or twenty people with the best brain in the land who will give the best advice to the president on every vital issue that affects the nation.

These super smart people would be paid exactly what they were making before they got the job. If they were professors, we'd pay them higher salaries than their college paid them. And if they were business executives making a million dollars a year, that's what we should pay them for this job

Their initial assignment will be to inspire the entire nation to do what no other generation has tried to do before. To get Tanzanians to believe that there is nothing wrong with Tanzania that cannot be cured by what is right with Tanzania ( Clinton , 1993).

For example, in order to improve transport services in Tanzania, this intellectual group of people needs to conduct a scheme that would end long, tiresome, and rather expensive cross two-countries traveling trend which forces people traveling from the lake zone to Dar es salaam to go through Nairobi (Kenya) due to the lack of Highway Network that link the Northern/Coastal Regions and Lake Zones.

Moreover, this intellectual body would hand down a decision whether it is a good idea to try Lowassa, Msabaha, Chenge, and Karamagi for their recent unethical conduct or just let them loose and confiscate their assets instead.

In addition, they would tell the president what he should precisely do on the issue of pending dubious contracts like IPTL, Buzagwi, and Richmond which continue to bleed dry our national treasures each day.

By the way, here are some possible candidates for the job: Pro. Julius Nyang'oro, Gureny Lukwaro, Juma Magere, Andie Blasio, Dk.Harrison Mwakyembe, Magabe Kibiti, Jenerali Ulimwengu, Wilbroad Slaa, Kalebi “Manguti” Mgomi, Ikupa Mwangomango, and of course, myself.

What do you think?

May God bless Tanzania!

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