By, Edward Chacha: [09/10/10 ]

Dear Mageuzi:

Well, I know ya kinda shocked me calling you Mageuzi, but that's how I prefer it (Upinzani sound little militant and confrontational to me). Besides, it kinda scares the sh*t out of wananchi, too. “Upinzani,?” huh?! Mageuzi, duh!

Anyhoo, I understand general election campaigns are now in full swing across Tanzania? That's very good news! Nonetheless, am not sure if you, mageuzi people, will succeed to unseat the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi this time either (same as it was in 1995, 2000, and 2005).

While all the signs point to significant CCM gains in Ubunge and Udiwani contests across the country, CCM haven't won yet. And that's a good news, too; b/c now you can at least rally your troops to minimize the beating. O,well, “defeat” basi…LOL.

Ah, for the past 15 years, I've been searching for the best ideas (remedy, if you may) on how to help you, Mageuzi people, to “someday” be triumphant in the future elections (2030, 2035… and maybe 2050). The emphasis here is “someday” —b/c I believe it will at least take like another 20 years for you to assume power.

And so, here goes:

1: Campaign hard in this year's election, yet expect nothing. In other words, you need to lower your expectations in order to avoid disappointment. I mean, lets face it: you will definitely get a heavy whipping in October, but it is better to fail or get disappointed for the right reasons than to succeed for the wrong reasons.

2: Be shrewd. You need to inform the public about your party's political platform while at the same time hammering CCM for their incompetence leadership and their failed policies that have left our country's economy paralyzed for more than four decades now. You need to come up with smart ideas on how to improve the lives of ordinary wananchi, improve our dilapidated infrastructures, and jump starts our struggling economy. Ah, Slaa's top six agenda is a good start, but not enough. You need also to remind voters about EPA, IPTL, Richmond , Kiwira, and yes, that costly radar thing, too.

3: Turnout, turnout, turnout. As I stated before, you have absolutely zero chance of winning this year's general election b/c the country is not there yet. But at the same time, you need also to understand that turnout is everything. That turnout is another essential requirement when it comes to winning elections (I mean, any election). So use wisely this year's election to practice your game for the future elections. Motivate all your die-hard supporters to get to the polling stations and actually cast ballots. Warning: This will require dedication, hard work, and good organizing skills. But it's doable.

4: This is a topic for another day (Ah, let's wait and see what happen on the election day first...)

Yours truly,

Gustanza The Great



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