By , Magabe Kibiti

Some people call this “a big joke...”, others “sweet dream...” and some dare to call it “wishful thinking...” I call it “The future... Our promising future. We have had enough in Africa; unnecessary wars, povert, hunger, corruption, diseases, [you name it...] Enough is enough. Its time to make an end to this. Good morning Africa... It is time to wake up and take care of our business. It is time to have a united effort to solve all of our problems. It is time for the UNITED COUNTRIES OF AFRICA.

Who will ever forget what happened in German in 1884, 1885, and 1886. It might be irrelevant now to talk about it, but its true that few people in Europe back then decided to break up the great Africa into small pieces to colonize her easily. Who will ever forget what these new rulers of Africa did to her; introduce new cultures, exploitation, mistreatment, and mother of all, colonizing the whole continent. How did they do this so easily? The answer is simple Africa; “divide and rule policy”.

I am not calling for revenge or anything of that kind. All I can imagine is all countries in Africa united again. Africa united again after two long centuries of separation. Africa where Africans in Sudan live peacefully with their counterpart in Uganda. Africa where Africans in Rwanda and Burundi live together as brothers and sisters. Africa where more than seven hundred million people work hard together to build their lives and their children lives. Africa where Africans are working together to eliminate hunger, poverty, and preventable diseases. The world has changed now. Europe has changed too and soon countries in Europe will join together to make the new United Europe. Wake up Africa. Lets unite again and determine our future.

I once was very pessimistic. My mother had told me that it was a day dream for even two or three countries in Africa to unite again. Our simple experiment in 1967 of uniting only three countries in Eastern part of Africa failed after just ten years. How could it be possible to think about another experiment? I have realized recently that my fears will never be even part of the solution to tons of problems facing Africa today. Doing nothing is not an option right now. Africa is dying despite of millions of dollars in aid from rich countries in Europe and United States of America. The best help now should come from Africans themselves. The United Countries of Africa for Africans should be considered right now.

Some will say, Why unite? Why now? Just think about this, African countries spend 20 to 50 billion dollars a year for military expenditures and conflicts with neighbors. They spend up to 30 percent of their budgets to defend themselves from their fellow African neighbors. If these divided countries were one country, they would have spent up to 50 billion dollars a year to build their great united country. Think about 5 million people dying in Africa each year of preventable diseases like malaria, hunger, etc. If these divided African countries combined their individual efforts and resources, they would have come up collectively with up to 20 billion dollars a year for food and health care.The United Countries of Africa should happen as soon as possible.

Some people say that Americans and Europeans will never allow Africa to unite again. They fear that rich countries will always want to keep poor countries divided to exploit them. I see this differently, I can see all big corporations in America and Europe supporting a United country of more than 700 million people. As economist, I see a huge market in United Africa. As a politician, I see one jurisdiction as compared to 50+ jurisdictions. As a person of faith, I hope to see people living good lives in Africa as compared to miserable lives they currently call lives. As a member of United Nations, I see one vote versus 50+ votes. Socialism is no longer a determining factor in Africa thus I believe that It is time for Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia to support a free, democratic and developed “United Countries of Africa”.

I would write 67 books if necessary to support the union. I would use all of my remaining years of life promoting the union. All these efforts will mean nothing if everybody else in Africa will be against this idea. I see the future of Africa through the union. The union not for violence and revenge but for development and stability. Good Afternoon Africa, it is not too late, lets make it the UNITED COUNTRIES OF AFRICA.

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